OpenTherm Capable Boilers and Controls

OpenTherm LogoFollowing are a list of OpenTherm capable / compatible manufacturers and boilers. These OpenTherm Boilers / OpenTherm capable boilers have integrated OpenTherm unless specified otherwise in brackets. See more info on OpenTherm on our page What is OpenTherm? or at the  OpenTherm Association. You can also see our OpenTherm Capable Controls shown further down the page.

For homeowners: what OpenTherm means see the following page: Modulating ‘A Rated’ Boilers with Smart Modulating Thermostats

OpenTherm Compatible Boilers

For Manufacturers: If your boiler model is not in this list, please contact us via our contact form or via twitterAdditional Information

Vaillant Ecotec 4XX Series requires additional steps. Please see following thread:

BrandModelAdditional Info

Atag Heating Technology
BrandModelsAdditional Info
AtagiC Economiser

BrandModelsAdditional Info
Baxi200 CombiOpen Therm connecter is labelled 'Bus'
Baxi400 CombiOpen Therm connecter is labelled 'Bus'
Baxi600 CombiOpen Therm connecter is labelled 'Bus'

BrandModelsAdditional Info
DaikinD2CND 24KwCombi Boiler
DaikinD2CND 28kwCombi Boiler
DaikinD2CND 35kwCombi Boiler

Intergas Boilers
BrandModelsAdditional Info
IntergasIntergas Rapid
IntergasIntergas Rapid Plus
IntergasCombi Compact
IntergasCompact Range
IntergasECO RF

Ideal Boilers
BrandModelsAdditional Info
IdealLogic Combi+ Combi C
IdealLogic Combi C24, C30, C35 (via seperate harness kit)
IdealLogic Code Combi (via separate harness kit)
IdealI-mini C24, c30 (via separated harness kit)
IdealVogue Combi C26,C32, C40
IdealLogic + System(Works with Evohome)
IdealLogic + Heat(Works with Evohome)

KD Navien
BrandModelsAdditional Info
Navien NCB

Remeha Boilers
BrandModelsAdditional Info

BrandModelsAdditional Info
VaillantEcotec Pro [1]
VaillantEcotec Plus_[1][2]
VaillantEcotec Exclusive[1]
VaillantEcofit Pure_[1]
[1] Using un-official VR33 Module
[2] Ecotec 4XX Series requires additional steps.

BrandModelsAdditional Info
ViessmannVitodens 100W Type WB1A (Connection: X3.3 and X3.4)
ViessmannVitodens 100W Type WB1B (Connection: X21.1 and X21.2)
ViessmannVitodens 100W Type WB1C (Connection: X21.1 and X21.2)
ViessmannVitodens 200-W WB2B 26+ 35 kW (via Expansion Module OT and OT-A8 + _Terminal -10 and +10 are on expansion A8 boiler )
ViessmannVitodens 200-W WB2C, B2HA,B2JA, B2LA (via icm Expander OpenTherm)

BrandModelsAdditional Info
VokeraLinea One (via OpenTherm Kit Part_1221179)
VokeraVision Combi (requires control interface 29450143)
VokeraCompact A (requires control interface 29450143)
VokeraVerve_(heating only mode)
VokeraMinute i (heating only mode)
VokeraVision System (heating only mode)

ModelsAdditional Info
Ferrolii25 Condensing Combination Boiler
Ferrolii29 Condensing Combination Boiler

BrandModelsAdditional Info
RavenheatHE98S Combi

OpenTherm Compatible Controls

Following are a list of OpenTherm compatible controls. These controls are compatible with Open Therm Capable boilers shown above. Smart Thermostats are listed first. Where an addition tranceiver is required it will be specificied in the brackets. See more info on OpenTherm at the OpenTherm Association.For homeowners: what OpenTherm means see the following post: What is OpenTherm?

Open Therm fact sheet from Honeywell the original creators of OpenTherm:   OpenTherm Fact Sheet


BrandModelRadiator ValvesInternet ConnectedHomekitOther
DraytonWiser Kit 1YYNHeating Only
DraytonWiser Kit 2YYNHeating and Hot Water
DraytonWiser Kit 3YYN3 Zone Support
EsiESRTP4OT Programmable Room ThermostatNN
HoneywellLyric T6YYY
HoneywellLyric T6RYYY
HoneywellEvohomeYYNRequires R8810
HoneywellHoneywell CMS927B1049 Room UnitNNNRequires R8810
Nest LabsSmart Thermostat 3rd GenerationNYN
TadoTado Smart ThermostatYYNRequires Extension Kit
Vokera20050690 Open Therm 7 Day Programmable RF Room ThermostatNNN

Where to buy

Category / ItemRetailerBest Price
Nest Controls & Accessories
Nest ThermostatAmazon£188.99
EbayFrom £179.00
Nest StandAmazon£33.44
Honeywell Controls
Honeywell CMT927A1049 7-Day RF Chronotherm Wireless Programmable ThermostatAmazon£133.25
Honeywell Lyric T6R Smart Thermostat works with Apple HomeKit and Amazon AlexaAmazon£159.79
Tado Controls
tado° Smart Thermostat Starter Kit (v3) - intelligent heating control with geofencing via smartphoneAmazon£199.00
TADO 101905 Wireless Central Controller Extension Kit, Matt White, 868 MHzAmazon
Tado Smart Radiator Thermostat, white, SK-2SRT01HIB01-TC-DE-03Amazon
Drayton Controls
Drayton Wiser Thermostat Kit 3 – Zoned Heating & Hot WaterAmazon£212.98
Drayton Wiser Radiator ThermostatAmazon£39.99

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